We go back to school

Privitera creates new temporary spaces for a safe return to class

In September the lessons will start again: between reduced numbers and didactic alternation the Privitera of Tradate, leader in the greenhouse and roofing sector, has transformed its classic production for events and has designed rental structures, easy to set up, to meet any need and treated with Airlite, an antibacterial technology that is applied like a simple paint, to guarantee a safe return to school and offer school management all the technical support and sharing of the necessary choices, following and adapting the solutions to the protocols and guidelines which will be issued. With the Covid-19 emergency, Privitera has chosen to make its covers more and more respectful of the environment and the circular economy and has signed a partnership with Airlite, a company that has been included by the UN among the 4 best technologies for air purification and is used today by the largest companies in the world. 

● Anodized aluminum marquees
● Wooden flooring with substructure raised off the ground
● Walls in wooden paneling painted with Airlite product*
● Natural lighting and ventilation: through walls with windows and transparent panels in compact polycarbonate
● False ceiling in white fireproof fabric
● Diffused lighting through suspended LED lamps
● Forced air evacuation system using floor extraction vents
● Timed air sanitization devices
● Heating and air conditioning system
● Possible toilet module
● Design, safety and certification service
● Design: Ing. Venturino D’Avella – venturinodavella.it

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