Milan Design Week 2018 – The Golden Age

From 17 to 21 April in the Fabbrica del Vapore in via Procaccini, from 10.00 to 24.00, you will breathe an atmosphere of the beginning of the century, in search of our roots and know-how, revisiting the beauty of our past in a modern key.

The project is presented for the Milan Fuorisalone 2018“THE GOLDEN AGE”, an ambitious theme to celebrate the international value of Milan over a century after the Universal Exposition of 1906, in the midst of the historical period of the “Belle Époque”: progress, well-being, peace and innovation in science, art and design. When the first industries and universal exhibitions were born, where every good could be exhibited and touched by everyone, towards quality of life.

The content of this project is fundamental, as is the containing structure: the large greenhouse “La Fenice” is a new marquee project created by Privitera fittings, that conveys a sense of luxury and grandeur: bright and functional, it is the trait d’union between a taste of the past and modern engineering architecture.

“The Golden Age” in this space comes to life with companies, artists and works such as:

  • Euro-Toques, with its famous starred chefs who will perform high-level show cooking every evening.
  • Electrolux, his kitchen: cutting-edge technology and design as a stage for the preparation of culinary arts.
  • La Murrina features the luxurious new chandeliers above this kitchen “Belle Époque”, by Adriana Lohmann, created in the ancient furnaces of Murano.
  • Eurojersey exhibits “i Guardiani” by Adriana Lohmannfour monumental luminous sculptures placed on the sides of the preparation area, created in the suggestive translucency of the fabric “Sensitive® Fabrics”.

In the ballroom, where the starred dinners will take place, they will be presented in a fascinating atmosphere of other times:

  •  Geovana Clea presents “Stardust”, precious canvases enriched with Swarovski crystals, painted as a hymn to the earth and a tribute to God for the beauty given through nature.
  • Elisabetta Mastrangelo, architect and designer, who with his tables “lady”transforms the support surface into an elegant sinuous object capable of making an environment elegant and eclectic, like the “Great Gatsby”.
  • Kerasan, company that produces sanitary ware and creates real ceramic works of art such as the new free-standing washbasins “Moloco” by Fabrizio Batoni, presented in the precious gold and platinum finishes, in an eclectic use as a Cachepot for hundreds of Orchids.
  • Italkero, with “Ninfea” exclusively presents the elegant and particular fireplace where two contrasting elements merge, such as water and fire together.
  • Adriana Lohmann, with its chandeliers “Tourbillon , swirls of light with amber reflections, which will shine like a thousand crystals.

In “THE GOLDEN AGE” the public will be able to appreciate the daylight that will filter through the windows, with the going down of light the atmosphere of the “Belle Époque” will be filled with magic, transforming itself into an exclusive dinner and ballroom where you can sit down to admire the works, among chefs starry.

Every night chef Gianni Tarabini de La Fiorida will duet with exceptional chefs of the caliber of Edoardo Fumagalli of the Locanda del Notaio, Tommaso Arrigoni from Innocenti Evasioni and Claudio Sadler they will delight in the search for “a cuisine that is full of taste, tradition and talent at the same time” as he is keen to point out Enrico Derflingher, president of Euro-Toques which will close the project on the evening of Saturday 21 April with a seafood crudité tasting evening.

Reservations for dinners and program of the event :

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