Never as today our eyes are open and they observe it with disenchantment.

2021 is the year to rise stronger than before. During the event “Open to the Sky”, that will take place in the iconic New York City during the NYCxDesign, the program “The Italian Experience” puts its design and visionary value into play, diving itself in reality, looking deeply to seize and experience its magic and unexpected.

Italy that we tell in New York, is not an Italy that recall past glories, nor that represented by clichés emptied of their most authentic meaning. The Italy that we want to tell about in New York is Italy that is aware to draw strength and energy from its own traditions and excellences but does not stop to observe them with satisfaction. It is an Italy Open to the Sky that brings the strength of its strong roots to new narratives, so that our heritage made of art, culture, excellence and craftsmanship can be preserved, increased and handed over to future generations. We are not telling about Italy in New York, we are making it live! It becomes an experience through a calendar of events that talk about what we have been, what we are and what we want to be.

The Greenhouse la Fenice presents itself as a world in the world, it contains ideas and creativity, it reflects the beauty that surrounds it. Its presence in the manifestation Open to The Sky project highlights its deep nature in terms of dynamism and transparency. The Greenhouse is a lens, a kaleidoscope projected onto the reality that surrounds it. At the same time, it enriches what happens inside and catapulted into the world with new experiences and narratives.

The outdoor event is confirmed as the event of the future: a place of excellence where you can find serenity, peace, security and, above all, wonder. We rediscover ourselves capable of catching the magical elements of everyday reality.

“The Italian Experience” expresses a newfound bond of the self in the whole. From Italian creativity, which has always been able to reinvent itself in moments of change and draw great ideas and profound meanings, an innovative vision is born for the project of the event as an immersive experience.

The Greenhouse La Fenice, like our Italy, will be beauty, craftsmanship, culture and art.

The Greenhouse La Fenice, like our Italy, will be innovation, planning, amazement.

The Greenhouse La Fenice, like our Italy, will be an element of great identity in relation and dialogue with the world that runs, changes and changes in the relationship itself.

The Greenhouse La Fenice, like our Italy, will be Open To The Sky.


“The Italian Experience” follows the path that in recent years has seen Privitera as a protagonist of the Fuorisalone Milano event, where the company has acquired ever greater centrality and recognition from the sector as a privileged interlocutor for the creation of events with a great emotional and media impact, with an important return on the market for partner companies.

The 2019 year marks the partnership with DDN and the Greenhouse La Fenice in Milano Piazza Castello becomes the Main Event of the appointment of the city with Design.

The planning of the 2020 edition undergoes an important stop due to the global Covid19 emergency, with a symbolic presence during the Milano Design City event which took place in September 2020.

The challenge to which the Great Phoenix Team is called, made up of professionalism of excellence from different fields such as marketing, event planning, catering, communication and business management, is to create an experience that does not end in the event itself but is a driving force for development in terms of brands and product placement for partner companies.

The achievement of this goal is demonstrated by the ever more vigorous reconfirmation of the Team year after year and the involvement of the Team itself in other strategic events for the city of Milan and for the Italian industry.






FUORISALONE MILANO - 5-10th September 2021

The event, in its 60th edition in 2021, confirms its success on a global scale by connecting to the NYCxDESIGN event in New York, where the Greenhouse La Fenice of the Privitera company will be installed in Times Square in May 2021.


  • Institutional talks organized by DDN;
  • Possibility to organize symposium or forum for a sponsor company, involving journalists, clients or industry experts;
  • A lounge bar during all the week

Design Gala Dinner

  • Michelin-starred dinner
  • Red Carpet

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NYCxDESIGN - 9-16th October 2021


NYCxDESIGN is New York City’s annual celebration of design, attracting hundreds of  thousands of attendees and designers from across the globe. NYCxDESIGN as design  itself is everywhere, with events taking place  across the city’s five boroughs. Brought to life by New York City Economic Development  Corporation  (NYCEDC) in  conjunction with a steering committee of leading members of New York City’s design community,  NYCxDESIGN highlights the unique creative, cultural, educational, and economic opportunities  in New York City.


Design Pavilion is host to the Design Talks NYC™,  Nasdaq Spotlight Design Broadcasts, the NYCxDESIGN  PressPod and Information Kiosk distributing the official  NYCxDESIGN Guide, and a series of installations that are  free and open to the public and featuring emerging and  established designers, architects, brands and visionaries  from around the world.

Design Pavilion engaged more than 5 million local business people, residents and international visitors with  design ideas for our future.


The DDN HUB project has been welcomed by the Design Pavillion 2021 event. The protagonist will be the Privitera’s Greenhouse La Fenice Garden which will be positioned between the five pedestrian areas of Times Square.


Nearly 380,000 pedestrians enter the heart of Times Square each day.

The Official Guide says 50 million tourists visit the site each year. This makes it one of the busiest tourist attractions  in the world. On the busiest days, Times Square has pedestrian counts as high as 380,000.

Times Square stays busy late, with over 85,000 pedestrians entering the “Bowtie” between 7pm and 1am.

Domestic and international tourists in Times Square  spend double and four times more, respectively, than  local New Yorkers per transaction, according to the  Times Square Alliance.


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  • Worldwide preview of the new Greenhouse La Fenice Garden;
  • Talks and symposium organized by DDN

Charity Gala Dinner

    • Italian Michelin-starred dinner;
    • Red Carpet

La Fenice Lookbook Gala Dinner

      • Immersive Show Dinner: Italian Michelin-starred dinner dedicated to the Lookbook and destination events;
      • Afterparty

LOOKBOOK LA FENICE: The Italian Experience

JOIN THE PROJECT: become our partner!

The “Made in Italy” brand is the third best known brand in the world and is associated with values ​​such as beauty, passion, creativity, luxury, culture and quality.

Aware of this, the “Italian Experience” project is aimed at associating the “made in Italy” value system with partner brands, adding the values ​​of craftsmanship and made to measure.

The goal will be pursued, as well as through a structured communication campaign and brand visibility during the events, through the Event Experience mode. The appointments such as the talks, the conferences and the Gala Dinner, will be studied and structured “tailor-made” and great importance will be given to the targeting of the influencer leaders invited to each of them.

The dialogue with the partners will be intense in order to ensure that their participation during the event does not remain an extemporaneous element but integrates and harmonizes with the communication and marketing policies that each brand chooses internally.


DDN – Editorial

Design Diffusion World editorial system includes 11 paper  magazines, the most famous of which is Design Diffusion  News, since 1990. is a link between the worlds of paper magazines and websites, maintaining  an independent profile with original contents, direct links to  DDN blog, social media channels and DDN video news. The  result of the constant interaction between these entities is a  complete news coverage and a useful service indispensable  to people working in the concerned fields.

Francesca Russo – Head of Marketing | +39.347.12.46.372 |

PRIVITERA SRL – Interior Decorator

Has been the leader of marquees and interiors sector for over 30 years. The company’s flagship product is “Greenhouse La Fenice” THE GREAT PHOENIX GREENHOUSE, a modular  greenhouse in anthracite – coloured iron with hinged doors and wooden floor. It is a product designed and built by a team of artisans with a consolidated competence acquired through  many years of experience. A product designed to satisfy the needs of every customer that can customize the Greenhouse in every  detail. The Greenhouse “La Fenice” shapes itself in the surrounding  environment and adapts to each context where it is inserted: romantic greenhouse on the Tuscan hills, urban lounge in a metropolis, patio on a promontory overlooking the sea.

Letizia Fontanelli – Head of Marketing | +39.344.06.77.254 |

FAMILY STUDIO – Audio, Video & Lighting

Family Studio is specialized in services and technologies for events, such as audio equipments, video and lighting. The integration between lights, sounds and images is essential for a successful result and thanks to its passion and its know-how, the company has developed the experience to create a perfect balance between all these elements, to enrich the set-up of weddings, gala dinners, and any kind of private or corporate events, making them unique and leaving everyone astonished.

The most effective communication is the one that engage with the recipient through a climax of words, images, videos, sounds and emotions: to do this, through the years, Family Studio has always embraced innovation, looking for the latest technologies available in order to offer tailor made purposed, characterized by quality and avant-garde solutions.

Simone Colombo – Co-Founder | +39.335.56.11.965 |




Project, Concept & General Contractor 

Privitera – Allestimenti Per Eventi

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Press Office Milano

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